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About Hotsino & Proprietary Trading

Proprietary Trading (aka "Prop Trading") is the trading of the equities market using the firm's capital and resources. It usually involves quick buying and selling of equities to maximize profits in a short-term time frame. In our case, our time frame is usually in minutes, and sometimes in seconds, with no holdings overnight. As such, successful Prop Trading would require: (a) Direct Market Access, (b) Quick Market Executions, and (c) Expeditious Decision Making. Here at Hotsino, not only do we offer all of the above, we also provide AI-based data analysis and technical research to all of our traders.

Trading Group Support

Our research team from Shenzhen (China), Calgary (Canada) and New York (USA) provide traders each day with market analysis on both the US equities market and global market development.

Timely AI-Based Market Analysis and Alerts

We use Genetic Algorithm to find the most profitable set of technical indicators under the current market condition. Then, our in-house developed software will alert traders in real-time when a technical level has been reached for each individual stock.

Maximize Profits

We believe with all the neccessary tools and research, our traders will strive in any type of market conditions. In fact, our traders had their career best month in Mar 2020, even when the market sank to multi-year low due to the pandemic.

Career at Hotsino

Prop Trading at our office offers: (1) Zero capital requirements, except for initial training fee. (2) Flexible work hours. (3) Access to Hotsino's Research Database. (4) Learn from other Hotsino traders worldwide. (5) Mentorship program to shorten your learning curve.

Prop Trading @ Hotsino

In comparison to Prop Trading at our office, Solo trading at home offers zero traveling and flexible work hours. But we will require a deposit for potential losses plus an immediate pay up of any losses at the end of each month.

Solo Trading @ Home

Requirements: (1) The ability to excel in a fast-paced, competitive environment (2) History of strong personal discipline (3) Excellent hand-eye coordination (4) Dedication and determination to succeed (5) Energy, motivation, enthusiasm & commitment


The successful candidate(s) will possess: (1) A strong interest in the stock market (2) Excellent decision making ablilities (3) Strong pattern recognition (4) A willingness to learn (5) While all candidates will be considered, preference will be given to those with finance, computer programming or math background


Hotsino Research Database

Internal Access only for Hotsino Prop Traders via intraweb.

Hotsino AI-Based alert and example

At the end of each trading day, our Hotsino research team will collect 1-min data for up to 500 most active stocks in the current and past 20 trading days.
Genetic Algorithm
  • Find the optimal set of parameters for each technical indicator
  • Currently programmed to work with 6 different indicators
Current Technical Indicators
  • Keltner Channel, RSI
  • ElderRays, MACD
  • Pivot Points, Fibonacci Channel
Next Day Real-Time Alerts
  • Based on the optimal parameters, alert traders when techincal levels are nearing.
  • Provide possible buy or sell signals
Future Development
  • Study of different combinations of indicators
  • In-house back-testing software for traders

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